Monday, March 19, 2018

ASIAN CINEMA TAKEOUT fanzine No. 1 out now!

My buddy David K and Jessie Midnitecrawlr have just published the first issue of a new review fanzine on Asian cinema entitled ASIAN CINEMA TAKEOUT! I'm on board as a writer and there's a bunch of other spiffy folks there as well. The zine is 20pp and it's scheduled to get released every two months.

Apart from a limited print edition exclusively for the fanzine's writers, the mag is going to be purely a gratis print-on-demand zine; In other words you print your own edition. For free. Either that or download and read it as a PDF file.

To download/print go here.


  1. I downloaded both of these a little while ago. I still need to get around to reading them. Which reviews did you write for them?

    1. And I rush to post a reply... 18 months later! Argh, sorry 'bout that, Herb. For some reason the notification thingy is off and it seems there's a ton of comments I hadn't seen. Oh well.

      I did KILLER ANGELS and THE DEVIL for the zine. The zine is long gone by now as the editor, Dave K, decided to work on other projects. Too bad.