Tuesday, June 25, 2019

More new and old vinyl to kill off annoying silence

Lydia Lunch and the Anubian Lights' 10" five track EP
I've owned the Lydia Lunch, James Brown and the Necessary Evils platters for years on end without listening to them (as mentioned in previous posts I didn't have a record player). "Everything that Rises" on the other hand I've played a 1000 times or more. Btw, Henry Rollins frequently plays Sort Sol on his radio show (not the same album, though. His LP is "Dagger & Guitar").

Necessary Evils' live LP released posthumous. It's limited to 300 copies so I must admit I was pretty stoked to find a brand new copy at a UK online record shop seven years after it was released!

Man, those song titles!

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