Thursday, November 29, 2007

Der beste Seemann war doch ich

It's weird how different versions of a product can turn out so differently! MTV Denmark is just sooo boring but MTV Germany (+ Austria) is actually alright. Unfortunately, Danish MTV is as predictably mainstream as every fucking local radio station in Denmark. For instance, take an overly cool band such as Rammstein; This week German MTV is playing specials and live broadcasts three days in a row! I have never even seen o-n-e Rammstein video on MTV Denmark. And don't give me this: 'But they're German so obviously they're on German tv'. They are fucking famous everywhere! I'm sorry if you're a 13 y.o. Danish MTV viewer who thinks MTV DK is rad, cos I don't! I think it sucks. When Rammstein was playing tonight I switched over and Headbanger's Ball was on MTV DK with some heavy metal ZZ Top lookalike band that had a bunch of prostitutes on stage. Mein Gott, how come so many people think that is cool? Me, I'm sick to death with hores in music videos and this whole notion that paid sex is somehow 'cool'. No, it fucking ain't, asswhipe. And is it really that difficult to make music videos that are slightly more sophisticated, aye? I guess it takes more brains than your usual Headbanger's Ball band has (yes, I'm exaggerating so fucking sue me). It doesn't seem to be a problem to Rammstein though, nor whoever they hire to do their videos, I still have to see a bad Rammstein video! Yes, I know, a grumpy post, ha ha. My leg's getting better so everything is dandy. Oh except I got laid off today which is kinda interesting as that's never happened to me before. Oh well. It's not like I give a rat's ass, it was a crappy job anyway. Crappy pay, crappy work hours, crappy transportation back and forth, and crappy food. In total: Crappy! LOL. And then I haven't even mentioned all the times they tried to get away with not paying me what they owed me. Oh, well. What else is new in the world of Jack J?? Oh, yeah, I'm also so annoyed that I haven't got my stuff from DDDhouse yet. The good people, Johnny and Zse (I'm sure I misspelt that) sent if off three weeks ago but I still haven't received it which is a bummer!! I'm dead certain it's those fuck-faces at customs that are sitting on it. Or are spending time fondling each other's bottoms. Or something.

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