Thursday, November 29, 2007

More better tomorrow

If were a woman I'd marry her right away. Hell, I may go to Hong Kong and marry Yesasia anyway! I've just received my long and very impatiently awaited 145 minutes version of A BETTER TOMORROW III. Yes, I said one hundred and forty-five minutes!! No, I'm not drunk or doing hard drugs. 1-4-5 m-i-n-u-t-e-s!!! The original theatrical print ran 111 minutes. Then there are DVD versions that run 119 minutes. The long Taiwan VHS runs 130 minutes and the mainland Chines print on WA DVD also runs 130 minutes but has a few different scenes. This Taiwan VCD has an additional 15 minutes and thus runs an astounding 145 minutes!!! And yes, I did say VCD (i.e. Video-cd). There's a DVD version of it but for some obscure reason it doesn't contain this longer print (credits were credits are due: I got some of this info from Asian Dvd Guide). I think I'm gonna write a day off and just start off with the cinema print, then continue with the 119 minutes version which I have on Zoke DVD from China, and then finish off with this new VCD, and then do comparisons. It'll probably take up an entire issue of my fanzine. Hmm, should I buy the 130 minute version as well?? Hmm, what to do, what to do, ha ha (and if you, dear reader, isn't a fanatical film freak you're probably going: 'What???', LOL). In the same pack from Yesasia I also got the Filipino film DARNA ANG PAGBABALIK which is the Filipino version of (the DC Comics superhero) Wonder Woman!! Yes, just like they had Superman in Turkey they had Wonder Woman in The Philippines!! Apparently there was a whole series of films. The one I got is the only one (I think) that has been released on DVD in Hong Kong (and thus has English subs). I also got a couple of Cheung Ling (aka Pearl Cheung) flicks. She also starred in the amazing WOLF DEVIL WOMAN and if you haven't seen that... do so as if your life depended on it!. Btw, did you watch my YouTube link from yesterday? If not do so! (yes, I'm being bossy today). It's Nina Hagen's version of Rammstein's 'Seemann' and it rules!

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  1. I'm just re-reading old posts and it occurs to me I never corrected this post. THERE IS NO 145 MIN VERSION OF "A BETTER TOMORROW 3"!!! It was all a big mistake made by fans (or maybe even just ONE fan) who looked at the Taiwan vcd cover and saw it said 145 min. but who obviously never checked the damn film. I have the vcd and I have timed it and it ONLY runs ca. 130 minutes like the longest dvd!!!

    The fucked up info is even repeated on Wiki but IT'S NOT CORRECT.