Monday, December 17, 2007

This is the end, my beautiful friend

Alright, it's been a week since I did a proper post (or semi proper post, or whatever). And I guess I'm just not a very good blogger. In order to do a successful blog you have to post almost every day... and I'm just way too lazy! So, in the words of that ol' Nico track: 'This is the end, my beautiful friend' this is indeed the end. Thanks to everyone who followed my ramblings. I won't delete this, I much prefer the idea of 'En lejemorder ser tilbage' drifting around aimlessly in Cyberspace like an old abandoned Mir space station.


  1. One good turn as they say lol Ok seems you are either Danish or , an alien ! Reckon Danish is best as a) they have great bacon , lovely Capital City ,and Lousiana .Me too when I ride my bike there . Cyber space is everywhere though lol

  2. Ahh yes, the wonders of Cyberspace. How else would one discover furry Brits residing in Berlin!
    Use to be an alien (not from space mind you but in London and Melbourne) but now I've joined the legions of Danes in Denmark, LOL.
    And yes, miss Vixen, it's indeed a lovely capital (and Lousiana too) but I think I wouldn't mind swapping it for some time spent in your very own (adopted) home city.

  3. So glad you found that I had found you !!! No pics here .How odd .I like photos ...Berlin is beautiful and lots of fun .Air Berlin do very good flights and hotels here are the cheapest in the world + the best .. No I dont work for AB or the German Tourist Board

  4. By the way I did mean to say that somewhere on my blog there is a wonderful quote. Don't ask me where lol Goes like "every end is really a new beginning ,only we just dont know it at the time " Seems apt for this title ...BVFL

  5. Ohh, I knew right away you'd found me, LOL. And no, no photos. I like your blog and the way you portray yourself but... you and I are different. If we were film characters you'd most likely be a Russian fox in a 60s spy flick. Me, I'd be the spy who stayed outside, LOL. It's not that I don't like attention, attention is good, but, uhh, does it have to be captured in piccies.

    So the hotels of Berlin are cheap and best in the world you say. Hmm, maybe you OUGHT to work for the AB, hah.
    Actually I DID see your quote where you say something along the lines of your not having endings but only beginnings. I don't know if you've read through some of my earlier posts but at some stage (recently) I mentioned being sacked. So actually it's not just the end of this blog but also the end of that. Hopefully you're right, this could be the beginning of something new. Hey, maybe I should just chuck it all away and come live under a bridge in Berlin. You could provide me with a cardboard box.

  6. Dreams are great and making them our reality even more so ... This much I know even though at times one can have 'nightmares'. Believe me :-)