Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This is not a new post

Although I've decided to close this blog down I see there's 6 (six!) people who come here every day! Listen friends, I have no idea if you're hoping that I'll change my mind, or if you just like to re-read my old postings, or if you re-read my profile and spend hours on end wondering what I'm really like. Whatever your reasons I'm happy you like my blog enough to still come here every day... and there still won't be any new postings! It's over. I have moved on. I'm somewhere else in life now (LOL x 10). There won't be another post in a billion years. Maybe I'll see you around, maybe I won't, but in any case I hope you have a wonderful new year. Not a good one. Not a great one. A wonderful one.
Your friend
Jack J


  1. well Jack I am one of them ( the 6that is ) Or think I am ... Now there is a famous expression :-
    " never say never " Believe me it has a lot of truth of it . So Ok you've moved on .. Good, I hope it's what you want However the future is always unknown and you may wish to return and share a part of it with us .. Then again ... BUT, whatever ,all the best and do be happy ....

  2. And I'm happy you're one of the En-Lejemorder-Ser-Tilbage Six. LOL. We are very much like you (that's not a royal 'we' but 'we, the Danes') and so when we say something with 'never' in it it is best approached with a sense of scepticism! If you look closer at my picture you'll notice a twinkle in the eye. I may not be so serious about it... and when someone bluntly states they're somewhere else in life, have completely changed, in the cause of just a few days... it is indeed the moment when you're allowed to utter: 'pfff!' LOL. However, thank you for wishing me well on the way.

  3. Oh, and I see you're banned in China now. I wish it were me. LOL.

  4. Ah ha so you see lol You are still here . Glad to see.. Miss V is, as Janacek said , 'a cunning little vixen ' Not in a nasty way of course .Hmm as for looking closely at the pic .... difficult with the image to hand . Try eating the lovely Danish Herrings in sherry'll find these work wonders .. Have fun Jack, lots and lots and LOTS

  5. Hi Jack,

    nice nick for your page.

    As Lady Vixen told you never say never....

  6. Another nick: just re-bought Nick Cave's 'From her to eternity'. Maybe thee best record he ever made.