Friday, November 14, 2008

Killer Snakes VHS

[Click scan for bigger size]

No, I'm not gonna review KILLER SNAKES or anything I just thought I'd show you the old Something Weird VHS cover for this dark and nasty Hong Kong horror flick because I think it's pretty cool! Nowadays you don't need to track down a copy of this rare video tape as there's a great looking HK DVD, fully letterboxed, in Mandarin and uncut (well, apart from some reel-end frames missing. Reportedly) and there's also a US DVD (apparently the latter isn't looking as good as the HK one!). However (again; reportedly) the Something Weird Video tape contains the reel-end frames that are missing from the DVDs.
(The scan comes courtesy of Stephen Gladwin from a post at Cinehound)


  1. Jack, do you know where I can buy the HK-dvd of this movie?

  2. My fave site when it comes to HKflix is Good prices and fairly fast delivery. They got Killer snakes in stock.

  3. Well, Jocke said it! :-)
    And I couldn't agree more!! Dddhouse is my absolute fave store too!!! They have a really good selection, cheap prices, fast delivery. I've had dvds arrive within the same week as I ordered them! And the staff is friendly. You can ask for tracking number and get them to lower the value if you buy several discs!
    Just make sure you order the right format, they have most films in both dvd and vcd formats.