Friday, November 14, 2008

Mystics in Bali + 30 minutes!!!

No, wait! Come back!!
I just know you're on your way out the door! You're going "FFS, that guy is shitting me! Again!!" But no, really... I'm not! Someone over at Cinehound has... REALLY... found a version of MYSTICS IN BALI that runs about thirty minutes longer than the Mondo Macabro DVD!!!!!!!!!

Someone (in India I think) uploaded it to YouTube and tonight I watched the first ten minutes of it and... sure enough... it's got tons of stuff not in the DVD version!! For instance we get to see how the American girl meets her Indonesian boyfriend-to-come! Apparently this version was released on VCD in Malaysia but never dubbed into English. Very exiting!!

Check the Cinehound thread about it here!


  1. Fuck man. These are the version we need. The versions that we seek after!

    Cool news.

  2. Yes! The full 3 hour versions! That's the ones we want, dammit!!!!

  3. I'm not sure a longer version could be better, but it sure seems interesting :)

  4. Fred, that's true. A longer version doesn't always mean a better version. Quite a few people prefer the international cut of DEEP RED to the original version. However, as Pete Tombs pointed out (in the thread I linked to) a few people turn up and disappear again without any explanation in the "official" shorter version. I still haven't watched this newly discovered full version but I'll probably make a comparison when I do (ahm, not that I'll be able to tell you much about the extra dialogue as my Bahasa isn't quite up to scratch, LOL).