Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AWE off the radar - update

I finally got a text message from AWE head honcho Jan Schmidt yesterday as a response to my inquiry about what's going on with their site, and why it's gone from Cyberspace. Jan replied they're sick of the website and from now on you have to send them an old fashioned letter (remember those ones?) if you wanna get in contact with them. I assume it's a joke.

Still, no website or blog online tho. Nor an answer from Mr. Eriksen. Oh well. Just good to hear they're at least not closing down despite their alternative way of running the company. Haha.

Ps: The bicycle chick has obviously noting to do with this post but is just there to liven up an otherwise dull entry. The piccie is clickable for bigger size too!


  1. She looks a lot better than the tampon-girl ......

  2. I'm sure she's just as sassy! I mean; tats, a bottle of alcoholic substance, and A BIKE. She's just as much of a rebel as the one who pulls out her tampax in public.