Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A carefree film collector life soon to end

More crappy cell phone pictures from the past; This time it's Nils Markvardsen, editor of eXtase magazine, stoner/doom promoter and Denmark's spaghetti western aficionado #1 with a collection to boot!

In this photo Nils is standing in front of his DVD collection which soon will probably get ruined by little people and spat on and God knows what. Yes, Nils is becoming a daddy. Well, congrats Nils (I guess, haha).


  1. Well congrats on being a Daddy, but, I doubt if he would let the kids mess with his collection... Gives one pause to think...

  2. I'm sure he's not going to. :-)

    Uhh, and I see I have a new subscriber. :D

    Hope you're getting better, Nick.

  3. Imponerende samling!

    Her kan jeg ikke være med, nu da jeg har hældt min kæmpe VHS-samling ud ... og fortrudt.

  4. Ja, en imponerende samling! Og så kan man ikke engang se den anden væg, hvor Nils' reol står med lige så mange VHS'er. I dobbelt lag. :-O