Monday, July 6, 2009

Gory & nasty Hong Kong: THE BEASTS (Dutch cover)

[VHS/Holland/letterbox/English dub/Dutch subtitles/uncut]
(click scan for bigger size)

I have written about the HK movie THE BEASTS (aka Flesh And Bloody Terror) several times this week and I've fortunately been able to show you a scan of the cool pre-cert VHS release from the UK. However, the DVD-r I own is actually taken from the video tape released in Holland and it annoyed me greatly that I didn't have a scan of this version to post. Obviously, all I needed was to write my mate Teade (aka KingofB) in Holland and ask for a scan. :D I knew he had one cos, well, initially I got my DVD-r from him, LOL. Thanks buddy, you're the best!

I should point out I have never seen the UK tape so I can't tell you whether it's presented in fullscreen or letterbox. The Dutch tape is both uncut and letterboxed. The print carries the English dub.

PS: If you think the UK cover is heaps better I won't argue with you.

And here's a bootleg "release" of the Flesh And Bloody Terror version (or Flesh And Bloody Horror as it's re-titled here).


  1. The UK cover is heaps better! The UK cover has become one of my all time favorite covers. And I haven't even seen it yet. Man, that cover is amazing! But thanks for sharing this cover with us. I've become very obsessed with THE BEASTS after I saw the UK cover. So any info on THE BEASTS is appreciated.

  2. You're welcome. And yes that UK cover is a great one!

  3. Is that a boot or are there actually three feet on the head of the faceless man?

  4. It's a very awkwardly placed mouth. XD

  5. Hahaha!

    Still looks like a boot though... maybe he is devouring his latest victim.

  6. Actually he's not in the movie at all! He's only on the cover. :-O

  7. Fun to see movies like this still have quite a following ;-)

    Been some time since I've seen it myself...

    Think I have a spare up the pipeline, it comes from a public library, hard to believe they had movies like this availlable in (Dutch) public libraries back then :-O

    Guess we are of high standing, culturally ;P


    Teade (kingofB)

  8. You bet it's got a following, Teade!! :D

    Oh yeah, culturally (POP culturally) you're in high standing!!

    You... are... getting... an... extra... copy! :-O

  9. Looks like I'll be getting an additional copy indeed :-D

    Came across it at a friend who's selling off some VHS, so I couldn't let it pass me by!



  10. Interesting how the Dutch cover totally hides the fact that it's Asian.

    What a damn classic it is.

    In Mel Tobias's "Confessions of an Asian Moviegoer", he really rips it a new one; he doesn't go easy on LOST SOULS, either (still, it gets a great color still from that).

  11. You should have seen the Danish cover for "Angel". THAT was a westernised cover if I ever saw one!

    I believe ol' Mel said about "Lost Souls": " easily one of the frontrunners in the perversity sweepstakes". LOL.

    Guess where I got MY copy of "Memoirs of...". At Gleebooks. :-D

  12. Yeah, frontrunner in the perversity stakes.

    I'd like to know what run second and third. or last.

  13. Well, the first edition is of course "Flashbacks" from '79 and that's not the one since it carries the "Memoirs" title but other than that I can't tell you. If it mentions a print run I can't find it. If it's of any help I can tell you it was printed in 1982.