Monday, July 6, 2009

Not a film you see every day

Jared published this over at Worldweird but I gotta post it here too!

NB: YouTube have begun to show their videos in widescreen now and unfortunately Blogger haven't updated the "video window" layout so you'll still see it as a square picture here, i.e. some of the video is missing. To see the proper picture just go to YouTube.


  1. What the fuck! It actually scared me! I'm afraid right now!

    This usually never happans.

  2. Yeah! It looks fantastic! What I didn't write is that this film has been lost for many years! It wasn't till recently that someone found a print. I don't know much about it (I'm no giallo expert) but I believe it remains unreleased.

    There's a thread about it on Dvdmaniacs:

  3. Half-naked women wrestling! Yeehaa!

    By the way the whole image is displayed on my computer.

  4. I'm so happy to hear that, Zoink.

  5. It's really mind-boggling isn't it? Polselli's films beyond DELERIUM and ... uh, the other one with Mickey Hargitay whose title is escaping me at the moment, are very near the top of my must-see-someday list. I hope Redemption or Severin or somebody gets this shit out!