Sunday, July 5, 2009

De Dødes Tjern on upcoming dvd?

A couple of months back, Jocke (of Gummimonster-fetischism blog) reviewed the Norwegian horror movie DE DØDES TJERN (aka Lake of the Dead) from 1958, directed by Kåre Bergstrøm.

Apparently the film is totally rad and one IMDb user said he had to turn it off as it was too scary. Gee. So obviously I'd like to watch this spooky slice of celluloid but unfortunately it seems there's no DVD or VHS versions available. It's only been released as a film club VHS and shown on Norwegian TV. I haven't been able to find any info on upcoming DVDs either. Boo-hoo. So my question to my scores of Norwegian readers; do any of you know of an upcoming release (or if it's scheduled for broadcast)??? Thanks.

NB: No need to direct me towards torrent sites. I don't download. I fear the gestapo of the Eastern block country that I live in more than I want to see these rare films. And yes that is sad. :/


  1. You have to make an special order to get the VHS, and it costs you 250 kroner.

  2. Thanks, Patrick. Gee, 250 kr for a video tape. Too expensive! Ehh, well I guess it's not like we DON'T spend 250 kr on video tapes all the time, haha. But they're old and worn ex-rental tapes (no that doesn't make sense to non-collectors, LOL).

    Btw, someone over on sent me this link:

    - to a Norwegian web store that has an upcoming DVD release for the film. Complete with 4 sets of subs. But no mention of a release date! :-(

  3. Haha! I was kinda surprised when I saw this:

    ''Gee, 250 kr for a video tape. Too expensive!''

    Haha. Yeah right!

    It's too much when you are waiting for a DVD release.

    Btw, not that it's going to help, but you can also rent it at any library in Norway :P

    I had to make an special order trough a library. I don't know what it's called in Denmark or any other country, but when I had ''The Final Exam'' at school my subject was ''De Dødes Tjern''. I compared the book and the movie. I was like ''Fuck. Why did I choose this? I can't even get the movie!'' But I got it trough the library. Shouldn't have returned it, like I did with the book. Hehe.

  4. Thanks for your info. And no, I can't borrow it from the library. Unfortunately.

    En halv pils er vel ikke øl. :-)