Sunday, July 5, 2009

Drool away

No, it's certainly not the greatness or cool artwork that make these cover scans so appealing!! With the top one it's knowing that this is the only known copy of this tape! This is the Danish VHS release of LEMORA: A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL (1973) and no, unfortunately I don't own it, a collector buddy does. :(
But man, that cover!!

Here's another very rare one that I'm happy to report is sitting nicely on my shelf (the scan is of my mate's copy though); LOVE BUTCHER (1975).

EDIT: For an update go here.


  1. LEMORA: A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL? Oh, man! That movie is horrible! I almost couldn't sit trough the whole movie!

    But you enjoy what you enjoy. Hehe.

  2. Obviously you don't know anything about films cos the cover states: "More shocking than The Exorcist"! Haha.

    (I haven't watched it).

  3. Haha. Sure is.

    You know Synapse released it?

  4. I know it's on reg.1 dvd, I didn't know it's out on Synapse. Cheers.

  5. No prob. I didn't like the movie at all, but Synapse Films releases are always outstanding. So you should check it out!

  6. LEMORA is a fucking masterpiece. Seriously, one of the best US zero budget horrors of the 1970s. But it is a little too weird for some, and not all that violent/graphic so ...
    But man, do I love it. LOVE BUTCHER is really great too. Have you read NIGHTMARE USA Jack? An awesome tome devoted to the American branch of "worldweird cinema".

  7. No, unfortunately I haven't read "Nightmare USA" but I'll be sure to get hold of it!

    Thanks for your heads-up about "Lemora", Jared. I didn't believe that drunken Norwegian for one second when he said it's crap. Haha.

  8. Nightmare USA is a very good book! Loved it.


    ''Never trust a Norwegian - He'll get you drunk and steal your collection''

    I love your blog, Jared, but calling LEMORA a masterpiece is insane! And I can handle weird movies - It's what I live for :)

    Nah, your not insane. Each it's own taste!


    2 hours of sleep ain't good for no one.

  9. Ha! Perhaps I am insane! Cause that is one weird ass movie to be sure. Maybe you'd have to be out of your mind to enjoy it. But I think that I'm OK with that!

  10. Jared, by the way, talking of weird horror movies; Have you seen LEGACY OF SATAN? Oh man. That became an instant favourite with me when I watched it the first time! So weird. I usually say it's like if David Lynch dropped a lot of bad acid and made a vampire movie.

  11. Would you believe me if I said I used to own that tape? Sold it cheaply for maybe 5-10 euros when the DVD was released, so somebody must have made a great deal (and it sure wasn't me)

  12. Hi Lars,
    Well, don't cry over spilt milk. Or spilt ex-rentals, LOL. :-D

  13. But yeah, I can fully understand if you're distressed over not getting much out of this and somebody else did. I have no idea what this tape went for down the line.

  14. Hello Boys
    I have to clear out a little misunderstanding... I can't vouch for the uniqueness of Lemora - A Child's Tale of the Supernatural (danish Polygram Home Video-release), BUT I've got another release which accordingly to Marc Morris' Pre-Cert Video forum is the only known tape in the world; the Iver Films Limited release... Unfortunately, I can't link to pictures here, so I'll mail you a scan, Jack!

    Did you know that the danish release of The Love Butcher is one of the longest versions available, maybe even the longest version? It has been compared to the dutch version and it's proven that the danish release is longer than this release!!


  15. Thanks for your corrections, Diabolikman. :-D
    I made a new post about it and posted your scan. Cheers.

    Maybe now Lars can sleep at night again. LOL.

  16. I've just watched LEMORA on reg. 1 dvd and I must agree with Jared: it's a fucking masterpiece of weirdo vampire horror!!!