Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Lost Empire - trailer

Ahh, that good good man down in Amsterdam Peter (aka Petcor80) of Cinehound has a few cool trailers and stuff securely locked away in his vaults at YouTube. And I've just discovered he has the trailer for Jim Wynorski's amazing THE LOST EMPIRE!!

It's one of my all time favourite trash films and I strongly believe they should show stuff like this to little kids in school! LOL. THE LOST EMPIRE is trashy, psychotronic, gory. There's ninjas, the bad guy is a guy with dead skull for a face, the hero is a hot chick, there's a chick fight, there's a mud pool, and it's just full of amazing scenes, not to mention crappy dialogue! What's not to like!!! It'll always be on my Top 13 of fave flicks!

Released on Danish VHS as Ninja Amazone (if you're Danish you might wanna pull out STAY SICK! #3 where I babbled extensively about it).


  1. Haha. Crazy! Seems like my kind of movie!

  2. Looks fantastic! This need a proper re-release!

  3. There's a PAL DVD available from Amazon UK:

    I don't have the DVD so I can't vouch for the quality.

    My own tape is the now rare Danish VHS from Polygram. About 6 years ago I was fortunate enough to find the last remaining stock of Polygram's releases and there must have been around 10 copies of "The Lost Empire". I still have two extra copies left so if anybody want one do get in touch. $30 postpaid.