Thursday, July 23, 2009

THE RAPE AFTER - the rare trailer!!!

Peter over at Cinehound just posted the über-rare trailer for THE RAPE AFTER! He ripped it from the HK VHS.

Thanks, Peter!!! XD

For more thoughts on the film go to the drunk Norwegian's blog.

PS: Thanks to Piknikk med døden blog for linking!


  1. So good it makes me want to cry.

  2. This makes me really fucking mad! I was gonna rip it from the VHS today! I was gonna take in the glory of being the first to post this.

    I guess I'll have to have a little Merli talk with this Peter feller!

  3. A great way to start the day, Jack.

    Good quality print, too.

  4. Ta. I love that people rush to their computer in the morning to see if there's something new from a guy with a paper bag over his head. LOL.

    Yes, it's a good print. Peter took it directly from an original Ocean Shores tape.