Friday, October 30, 2009

More Hong Kong madness: FURY OF THE HEAVEN

Thanks to Andras for posting this on Cinehound.

NB: I don't know if the title in Chinese characters read Gong Tau but this clearly isn't the English language title as GONG TAU is a different film by Herman Yau (and also the Chinese title for BLACK MAGIC). The title of this film is FURY OF THE HEAVEN and I just discovered I have it on one of my shelves!! I HAVE TOO MANY VIDEOS!!! Haha (no not really). Anyway, check out the clip, it's pretty WILD!!!

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  1. Whats it about ? I saw a similar movie when I was young about a woman who was murdered returning as a ghost. Freking insane, half way through it, it became a comedy and then back to its insane mode ! I remember the scene where she was afraid to walk into a place because there were pictures of Chinese Gods in front of the door !


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