Saturday, October 31, 2009


Most of Godfrey Ho's movies are... well, how shall I put it... they are basically CRAP!! Cut and paste awfulness galore! xD. However, with a few (very few) of his films something obviously went terribly wrong... they actually became totally entertaining! It didn't happen very often and I'm sure Godfrey Ho would apologise to each and every one of us if he were here now, haha.

Here is a trailer for one of these very few films that are said to be over-the-top entertaining; MISSION THUNDERBOLT. But you'll have to take someone else's word for it cos I haven't actually watched the film (very difficult to find by the way, but luckily for me I'm awaiting the arrival of the Greek tape as we speak. Yay!). However, I've just discovered that some very nice gent uploaded a trailer of the film to YouTube just a few days ago. And what a wonder it is; It's NOT a crappy fullscreen trailer from a wobbly video tape but something as rare as a letterboxed trailer from a film print! Awesome.

Please notice: Due to Blogger's shit video window you can't actually see the full letterboxed picture so I recommend you watch the first video on YouTube instead.

I'm also including another trailer (bastard fullscreen and from video tape) which is shorter and differently edited. And you'll notice how awful the pan & scan format looks compared to the letterboxed trailer. Unfortunately, almost ALL the various releases of these Godfrey Ho films are presented in this useless shit format. Anyhoo, enjoy the trailers.


  1. I was the person who uploaded that second trailer. Small world!

    Unfortunately I couldn't find my digitally remastered collector's edition Blu-ray.

  2. Haha, that's cool. I hope you realise I don't blame YOU for the fullscreen, pan & scan, etc, etc, LOL.

    I'd love to see some of these movies (the better ones anyway) given a proper release but... it'll never happen. :/

  3. Heheh, yeah. I kinda see the crappy quality as part of the Godfrey Ho experience. I'm pretty sure the aspect ratio on that video is wrong anyway; it looks squashed horizontally.

    I have a bunch of his films on DVDs that were released here in the UK. I'm almost certain they're as unofficial and legally questionable as it gets. They still have the Star Wars theme tune playing during the IFD Films intro.

    The funny thing is they're sold on places like Amazon.