Monday, February 22, 2010

Bruno Mattei is back from the dead!!!

Alright, no he hasn't returned as one of his crappy zombies from ZOMBI 3 or HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD (now THAT would have been quite something!!) but his JAIL: A WOMAN'S HELL (2006) has finally been released on DVD!!! Oh sing thee joyous wee ones oh sing thy hymens of praise. A couple of years back we waited patiently for the release of this last two cannibal movies, LAND OF DEATH + CANNIBAL WORLD, and then we waited patiently for his last two zombie films, ISLAND OF THE LIVING DEAD and ZOMBIES: THE BEGINNING ...when they finally came out on DVD it was in obscure places like Russia, Japan and the Czech Republic... and now, finally, JAIL has been granted a DVD release in the same obscure place that first released his last zombie flicks, i.e. jolly Republic of all things Czech!!! Yay! Spiffy!! Check out this trailer for the DVD:

[PS: yes, the DVD has English dub!]

And go HERE for the real trailer (unfortunately I can't embed it here!). Now the question is just where to get it from! I did manage to order ISLAND OF DEATH, ZOMBIES: THE BEGINNING and Joe D'amato's DEEP BLOOD (not on DVD anywhere else) from a Czech store but, mein gott, it takes time!!!

PS: I wasn't quite sure where to post this as JAIL (like Mattei's other last films) was indeed filmed in the Philippines and I might as well have posted this on my Filipino blog (and YES that is Mike Monty in the trailer) but since this is more trash than trashy Filipino war I put it here, haha.


  1. I ordered it from - and I guess it will take forever to arrive. But it's probably worth the wait :)

  2. And it's only THREE euros!! I'm just a bit weary of ordering from places where I can't use PayPal. How did you choose to pay?

  3. Gotta love Bruno Mattei...keeping the cannibal genre alive.

  4. Yeah, and the zombie and WIP genres as well! LOL.

    When everybody in Italy had stopped making exploitation films Mattei kept going regardless.

  5. Jack: I used my credit card, and I didn't get ruined - yet ;) If this works fine I will order some of his other movies too.