Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Hunted (Philippines, 1970)

I won this Filipino movie on eBay today. As with so many of these films info, any kind of info, is scarce. The director is Cesar Amigo who also wrote the screenplay for THE BLOOD DRINKERS (1964) which is one of my favourite Filipino films. Charito Solis, Mario Monte and Fred Galang are all in the movie and according to the Greek seller (Onar-Bill) it is a:

[...] nasty exploitation revenge colossus, with tons of gratuitious violence plus some trashy fulci-ish gore, like acid on face that melts like a pizza!!!

I certainly hope he's right. xD

Here the original Filipino poster. Thanks to Andrew for making me aware of it. It comes courtesy of the amazing Video48 blog in the Philippines.


  1. Holy shit,'ve confirmed the suspicion I had that Luis Nepomuceno sold The Hunted to the export market. Check out the original Philippines poster at

    He also exported A Time For Dying, The Pacific Connection, Igorota and Manila Open City.

    Great find!!!

  2. Thanks. Maybe the Greeks were the only ones to release it on video, I've never seen any other release of the film anywhere (nor any other Greek copy of this tape). Pretty exciting.

  3. On the new Bamboo Gods post, you'll see the flier for Nepomuceno's export titles from the 1982 Manila International Film Festival. Both A Time For Dying and The Hunted ended up on Greek VHS. Click


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