Friday, May 28, 2010

Boo-hoo, I didn't get KILL THE BASTARDS... and there's a reason!

COS IT WENT FOR BLOODY 122.50 dollars!!! Fucking hell!!!

"Kill the Bastards" is most likely a title spawned by Miltos of Cinehound forum. The film's Turkish title is CAPKINIM HOVARDAYIM and it's directed by none other than Cetin Inanc! Yes, thee Cetin Inanc who also directed TURKISH STAR WARS, DEATH WARRIOR, TURKISH RAMBO, TURKISH ROCKY, TURKISH JAWS, and tons more.

Miltos had the Turkish VHS release of CAPKINIM HOVARDAYIM up for auction, I placed a fair amount on it but, uhh, after 12 bids it reached 122.50 bucks! Congrats to whoever won it. Sadly not me. :-(

(PS: whoever you are please send me a dvdr. xD.)


  1. jack,that's a lot of bikkies for vhs,was this a betamax too? I didn't know vhs tapes were so valuable.

  2. jack,disregard the last question ! I can plainly see that it's a vhs tape from the scan you put
    once you post a comment you can't go back and fix it.

  3. Well, you can actually take it back cos you can delete your comments (just click the little dust bin) [not that I want you to do so now that I've made a response as it would make my reply look silly]. LOL. And yes you're right, that's a whooole lotta dough for a video tape. But that's how it is when a rare film - by a popular cult director - isn't released on DVD (or VCD). Some people are willing to pay thru the nose. LOL. The latest bit of news is that I too am getting this film now. I asked the seller if I could get a DVD-R copy, I offered to pay for the DVD-R + postage, and he was so GENEROUS as to agree to make me a copy for ONLY 12 bucks (yes, I'm being sarcastic here but that's okay cos at least I'm getting the film. Even if I have to pay silly for a DVD-R copy. LOL).

  4. Jack,at least you saved yourself a $110 or us know what you think of the movie.I picked up a few ex rental vhs tapes recently for 50 cents each;the humanoid with richard kiel,5000 fingers of dr T,The girl can't help it,Fantasy film worlds of george pal,Amazing collossal man and a couple of others I can't remember.
    Do you have to be signed in to delete or edit comments ???

  5. Yeah, you're right. And 50 cents, that IS cheap! LOL.

    Uh, I just checked and it seems you have to have a Blogger account and be logged in in order to delete your own comments (I guess otherwise everyone could just delete everyone else's comments).