Monday, June 28, 2010

Hell of the Living Dead Video-cd's

I've got these two book shelves full of HK VCDs and one of them is NEW TENANT (directed by and starring Anthony Wong). I've had it out a few times and thought "hmm, not today". Well, after having read Jared's incisive rundown over at Worldweird I'm certainly gonna pull it out now (it's even still in its original wrapping, LOL). Read Jared's review here.

The following day, while sitting down to defecate, he is intruded upon by a rotund, mustachioed gentleman who, unable to see Wong already using the facilities, promptly whips it out and starts pissing directly on him. Blessedly, he disappears, but Wong is understandably upset and confused by this odd plot twist.

Rushing into his living room he is astonished to find several people having a get-together in his apartment. They can neither see nor hear him. Anthony Wong, unsurprisingly, freaks out.


  1. Thanks for the props, dude. I hope I haven't lead you astray! BTW, I have another review, of a fairly obscure 80s South Korean softcore melodrama, in the works. Trying to take your advice and being more productive with the reviewing. Relatively anyway. Damn Fred 'Ninja Dixon' Anderson makes us all seem lazy though! Productive bastard!

  2. I so much H-A-T-E Fred Anderson!! .\_/.

    Joking of course. And thanks.

  3. I have seen NEW TENANT 3 times I still don't know what the movie is about. Really. I am used to difficult to follow plots from IFD & Filmark movies but this one is "special".