Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yes, nice indeed! I'll be getting these two Japanese babies soon! Yay! I've already got both films but in inferior versions. Bruno Mattei's ROBOWAR I've only got on a boot from Trash-online (but a very nice boot I should point out. LOL. And off the very same Japanese release actually). And my Danish Juno Media VHS release of Santiago's WHEELS OF FIRE clocks in around the 65 minute mark. Juno Media was a Norwegian company so altho all films are usually uncut in Denmark unfortunately we had to suffer the cuts by the bloody Norwegian censors! (are you still out there, Patrick?). The uncut version runs 81 minutes so I'm definitely looking forward to this uncut tape. xD.


  1. I'm still out here in cyberspace, Jack :) I check in on you guys everyday.


  2. Yeah, well, there's actually only me to check in on at the moment! Freddie isn't doing anything blog-wise as he's going thru one of his "everything is pointless and I might as well not be here" phases. He's sooo gay. Haha (and obviously I know he's gonna be reading in on this and obviously he knows I'm teasing him). But anyhow, nice you're still out there, Patrick. Hope you're doing alright (even if you left the blog community). Keep your path straight and don't fuck up!

    - and thanks. I've been wanting those tapes for a long time so this is cool, and the funny thing is this isn't even off eBay or from Japan but from Cinehound members in Sweden and Finland. xD.

  3. He knows. But yeah, he is really gay. But I can't help myself but to love a gay man who watches all the crap we watch :)

    I'm doing ok.

    I always fuck up. THAT'S MY PATH! Haven't you ever read my blog? Jeeez.

    Nah, things are better now. But I still won't return with my blog. It's to much of a hassle.

    If I know you right it cost you a few measly bucks.

  4. LOL. That's not quite what I meant. A stereotypical view of gay men is they're always throwing a tantrum (or their wrist, LOL) and complaining. And now Fred is complaining and saying "What's the use!" - so my saying he's sooo gay is just me playing along with the image of the stereotypical gay man. It's a (kinda) funny joke cos (needless to say) Fred isn't that way.

  5. - oh, and yeah I paid a few quid for those tapes. I was pretty lucky with ROBOWAR as I was the only one who offered to buy it and I got it for a measly 20 dollar note including postage. xD.

  6. I understood that, Jack! Hehe

  7. Hey Patrick, great to see you jaw jabbing Jack once more. Thought the Volcanic ash had sent you forever into the dark side & we had lost your video vigour for eternity. Pleased to know that you are well. Now, please get that super site of yours back into Action. We miss you buddy.
    Jack those Japanese tapes for Robowar & Wheels Of Fire are both very nice. When I first discovered Robowar I just kept watching it, such great Fun. I actually have I believe three of those Japanese tapes, all in pristine condition & completely cleaned of all stickers so they all look as new. I know, three !!!, hey one or two may break !.