Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Super rare Cuneyt Arkin film on super expensive DVD

A little while back Bill Barounis wrote this on his Onar blog:


In a previous post I was talking about a mad greedy collector in Ankara who owns 100's of 16mm films, most of them obscure titles that were considered to be LOST.

Some of them are the superhero films RUZGAR HAFIYE, BOMBALA OSKI BOMBALA, KAMCILI KADIN (KINOVA 3) or Cuneyt Arkin's LOST 60's actioner CEHENEMME BIR YOLCU.

Too bad the costs were so gigantic that I decided to buy ONLY the aforementioned 2 titles, RINGO GESTAPO'YA KARSI & that secret LOST KILINK film.

I've just discovered that there's is now a limited DVD release of CEHENEMME BIR YOLCU and there's a seller on German eBay who has it. But this is fucken insane: He is charging 300 dollars for a copy of the DVD!!!

Check the auction page here.

What a bloody shame!!! My Turkish is a bit rusty (haha) but I think it even says it has English subs.

Anybody wanna cough up (and make me a dvd-r)???

Thanks to "Tombei" for info.


  1. jack,hopefully this doesn't become a trend with turkish subbed dvd releases ie limited quantities at supersized price tags.lol.

  2. Jack,I've translated the description of the dvd off the sellers ebay page :-

    CEHENNEME BIR YOLCU (A passenger to Hell)


    PIYASADA OLMAYAN BELKIDE DUNYADA TEK MEVCUT OLAN VERSIYONU ORIJINAL DVD OLARAK HIZMETINIZDE FILM SAYILI 30 ADET OZEL OLARAK BASILMISTIR AMBALAJLI ORIJINAL DVD KESINLIKLE KOPYA DEGIL.This dvd is Probably the only version of this film available anywhere else in the world.30 numbered copies have been officially pressed up sealed with covert art.This is an official or original dvd not a cdr or copy.

    OZEL SECENEKLER (special features)

    * INTERAKTIF MENU (interactive menu)
    * INGILIZCE ALT -YAZI SECENEGI(optional english subtitles)
    * FRAGMAN(trailers)
    * SAHNE SECIMI(chapter selection)
    * BIYOGRAFI (biography,probably cunety arkins')

    SADECE 30 ADET OLAN SINIRLI BASKIDA OLAN BU FILME SIZDE SAHIP OLABILIRSINIZ YALNIZ 30 SANSLI KISI.Just a limited amount of 30 copies of this film have been pressed up.Only 30 lucky people have a chance of owning this film.

  3. I doubt there a risk of that. In my view you would have to be a rather egocentric collector to do this; I mean what does he get out of it? Most people who start video labels do it because they actually WANT to sell as many copies of their films as they can. It seems to me this guy wants to keep "his" film a rare collector's item, i.e. only meant for those few "worthy" people/collectors/fans. Ask Mondo Macabro if they want as few people as possible to buy their DVDs and they'll look bewildered at you. So, no, I don't think there's a risk of this becoming a trend.

  4. Thanks for the translation!

    If this is really a factory pressed DVD it must have cost quite a bit of money to make such a low print run. It's insane! I doubt he'll sell those 30 copies.

  5. If this is legit,he must be like you said a person who wants his dvd release to be a super rare collectors item.He must have a lot of money to burn to make a factory copy and pay for the rights etc.

  6. Well, one could speculate it may not be a legit release since he's selling it on German eBay and not in Turkey (but then again he may just acknowledge that there's a bigger collectors' market outside of Turkey).

  7. Jack,I'll repeat what was said on the other thread.This seller also had an even more limited "official" release(15-20 copies)of a film he was selling for $500 !!!!
    This dvd was called Intikam Fedaisi starring Kartal Tibet's brother Tarik Tibet.Image of film poster below :-


  8. That's fuckin' insane. Who in their right mind would cash up that amonunt of dosh for a DVD?


  9. That's right, Magnus. In-sane!!!

    And why even release it that way? Is it so that the "wrong" people don't get it. The ones that don't "deserve" it? @_@

  10. Jack,Just had an apricot Danish and I remembered your blog.Do you have the Italian copy of Cirkin Dunya aka Ugly World,aka Last House in Istanbul & aka The Clockwork Orange Gang ( 'La gang dell'Arancia Meccanica') ???
    Saw it on ebay last year but it was very expensive at about 65 dollars Australian !!

  11. Image of Italian dvd of Cikin Dunya:-

  12. correction i think it's a german copy of the film with german and italian language dubs :-


  13. I think the dvd below is the italian release of cirkin dunya :-


  14. I wish I had an apricot Danish!

    Yes, that last one seems to be the Italian release of the film. The info states it only has the Italian dub and no subs. From memory I think the German DVD has English subs. However, none of them are in Turkish.

    I have an old VHS dube of the film IN TURKISH and WITH English subs! (I'm pretty sure they're cinema subs!). It's a copy Ayman Kole found and sent around. Mine is a generation down the line as I got my copy off a friend's copy who got it from Ayman.

    Miltos (in Greece) from Cinehound was the one who came up with the bootleg title "Last House in Istanbul" and he's selling a bootleg DVD of it. Also, check out this boot from ZDD:


    - I assume they just copied a boot from Miltos or someone else but in any case it's a copy off the same one that Ayman provided. It's been a rather long time since I watched my tape but I remember the quality as being fairly good.


  15. JackJ, I'm after the mondo brutale dvd from germany it looks like the best one as you said with German & Italian dubs and English subs.The Turkish vhs copy and all the bootlegs derived from it don't come close to the better quality of this one picture-wise.Also the mondo brutale release has the best cover art.

  16. JAck J,check below for comparisons of picture quality.Firstly the german release :-


    Secondly the turkish vhs :-


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  18. JACK for some reason that link comes out wrong when you post it,delete the last entry if you want ? Here it is again with a different link,hope it works out okay this time


  19. That German DVD does look really good I'll grant you that. However, the boot I have is NOT derived from the Turkish tape but looks like it off a real film print. It has burnt-in subtitles, not video subtitles. And it's certainly heaps better than those VHS screen grabs. Maybe someone with enough tech knowledge ought to add the Turkish audio to the German DVD. :D

  20. I think that's what they did on that blog but there's no link to download it,I think you gotta be a member to gain access ? I think that mondo brutale II dvd is out of print now.

  21. JACK,More screen captured images off the german dvd of Cirkin Dunya :-


  22. I found this site on my travels some download links for Cüneyt Arkın films.

    Here is it if anyways fancies......

  23. Hi there, Natalie. Thanks for the link. Seems they've got tons of stuff!