Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Best and worst ONAR news!!!

I decided to have a break but this needs to be posted.

Today, incidentally on the 13th, Bill Barounis of Onar Films has just posted the truly awesome news about his next two DVD releases!! The two films are ZAGOR KARA BELA and ZAGOR KARAKORSANIN HAZINELERI and altho I'm not familiar with them Bill says they are the MOST RARE OF THE LOST TURKISH FILMS!!! And not only are they no longer lost but he's got them now and he'll be releasing them on DVD!!! So that's truly awesome.

If you know Bill or has read some of this posts on his blog or on Cinehound forum you'll know he often says he's "jinxed" because all kinds of bad luck always pours in over him and his releases. And I'm sure you'll remember how I posted about his being taken to hospital critically ill a little while back. I'm not superstitious but, uh, maybe he really is jinxed.

At the same time as he got the films he also got diagnosed with brain tumour!!! Yes, truly terrible news!! He's gonna go in for surgery in a week's time. Read his own post about it here. Needless to say, I wish Bill the best of luck and to make a full recovery.

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