Tuesday, July 13, 2010

KOOL new stuff in the BROILING heat

While my fridge chose to depart this dimension two days ago (the barometer now shows 22 degrees Celsius inside the fridge and 5 degrees in the freezer) fortunately here's a handful of mighty COOL stuff that's dumped in thru my letterbox during the last few days. I'm sure it's all gonna go down well with the lukewarm lemonade in the fridge.

I posted about having ordered Bruno Mattei's THE JAIL: A WOMAN'S HELL from the Czech Republic two months ago and I've just finally received it!! A looong wait but brilliant to finally receive it. The case is a crappy flat cardboard slipcase but then again the price of the DVD is only a couple of dollars (seriously!!) so I guess it's alright. I wonder if it'll ever get released anywhere else but The Czech Republic. o_O.

Ahh, and check out this RARE laserdisc which I got a couple of days ago; The entertaining A SERIOUS SHOCK! YES MADAM! starring Yukari Oshima, Cynthia Khan, and Moon Lee (who plays the truly bad guy this time!!). Brilliant. You can get it on a crappy DVD-R from Tai Seng from Amazon but this is much better! xD.

Oh, and I must admit I'm totally flabbergasted as to why I was the ONLY bidder for the film O_O

A couple more awesome tapes I got this week:

JUNGLE RATS, s: Ron kristoff.
VHS/Japan/fullscreen/English dub/Japanese subs

VHS/Japan/letterbox/English audio/Japanese subs

Antonio Margheriti's CODENAME WILDGEESE:
VHS/Japan/fs/English audio/Japanese subs

Lenzi's WARTIME:
VHS/lbx/English audio/Japanese subs

ULTRACOP 2000 (Yukari Oshima & Phillip Ko)

MISSION OF JUSTICE (Yukari Oshima, Moon Lee, Carrie Ng, Mark Houghton, Sophia Crawford):

THE BIG DEAL (Moon Lee, Yukari Oshima, Sibelle Hu & Sophia Crawford):

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