Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wild 'n' weird vhs covers from Korea

Check out these uber rare Korean VHS covers of equally uber rare horror/worldweird films:

Boy and a Magic Box

The Butterfly Kiss (Taiwan)

Chinese Whimsy (Taiwan, 1974)

THE BEASTS (which isn't a rare film at all as it's available on [cut] HK dvd/vcd but this vhs is mega mega rare).

[click scans for bigger size]

Thanks to Matt (a nice Québécois who fortunately lives in Korea) who got these scans and the info. There's a link to his blog "Unknown Kino" in the bar on the right.

PS: and yeah there's an awful lot of new posts from a guy who doesn't post at the moment. Argh.


  1. Hey Jack...
    Snagging your video cover for my blog. Will give ya credit.
    ~ Tim