Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day on the Green, 1985

I got a pile of old-skool thrash- and heavy metal "mix-tape" style cd-r's from my buddy Henrik last week and since then it's been back to the old thrash metal days in this house. LOL. This video is from the old "Cliff 'em all" VHS which came out a while after Cliff Burton was killed in 1987. I actually had a ticket for the gig in Copenhagen that never happened cos they'd crashed their bus the night before (but I got to see them with Cliff at the Roskilde Festival a few months earlier which was the highlight of that summer). The tape is all bootleg recordings and (I believe) a few clips from TV. The clip I'm posting here is without a doubt the best of the lot and most likely taped for local TV or something. I still have my old video tape which I bought back in England and just before writing this I checked Amazon to see if there's a DVD release, and yes there is. One of the many Amazon users who comment about the DVD mentions that there are two Metallica's (he's complaining about the new fans who trash the DVD for not being produced properly, haha). And yeah, I fully agree. Altho three of the four members are the same it's been a very different band ever since the Black Album came out. Back in the second half of the 80s the original version of Metallica was my favourite band of all time. Of all bands. Anywhere. This clip is from their best period in my view.

Thanks to Henrik for the cd's.


  1. You're welcome, Jack. I was supposed to go to that not-to-be Metallica concert in Copenhagen myself, but had to sell my ticket, because I was strongarmed by my parents into some awful family gathering stuff!

  2. P.S. I actually went to see Metallica later, in 1988. They were still good at that point, if not quite the same band. Opening act Queensryche failed to capture... in fact, I've never been able to "get" Queensryche, despite giving "Operation Mindcrime" (their most popular one) many a good spin...