Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rare LEMMY interview circa 1983

Rarest interview with thee coolest MISFIT! (i.e. Lemmy of Motörhead as if you didn't know. And if you really didn't know: please go away!).

Q: "There aren't many rocken rollers like you left?"
Lemmy: "What, you mean intelligent?"

The picture quality blows but in some ways it FITS perfectly! This interview is from circa 1983. It's originally uploaded by someone else (in the UK) but they disabled the embed function so obviously I had to re-upload the whole thing. LOL. Enjoy.


  1. Jackster... You have read White Line Fever haven't you?

  2. Magnus! No, I haven't read it but I should. I will. I WANT TO! Please send me your copy. Cheers, mate.