Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dylan Dog - trailer

Check the trailer for the new DYLAND DOG film version of this cool Italian comic book. Oh, and I have a complete collection of Danish Dyland Dog comic books!!! (all five of them, haha).


  1. I used to have a complete Svenskjävel releases... but sold them and bought Dark Horse US reissued collected in the Dylan Dog Case FIles - fucking masterpiece.

    This movie will probably loose it along the way and have us all embarrassed, but those comics will stay classic.

  2. ...but FUUUUUCKKKKKKK do I want to see that movie now.

  3. You're probably right about the movie. Most movie adaptations of comic books suck ass.

    At best they become fun psychotronic trash films. There's a few exceptions of course; I just bought GHOST WORLD (the comic) which I've never read before and both the film and the comic are excellent. Somehow I missed the cool soundtrack from the film in the comic book version, tho. LOL.

  4. Anyone remember Michele Soavi's Dellamorte Dellamore from the mid-nineties - with Rupert Everett. Wasn't that a Dylan Dog adaptation?
    Peder P

  5. LOL! Yes Peder it was, and it wasn't.
    It's actually based on an earlier story that Tiziano Sclavi wrote, even though it's in the DD universe. Dellamorte actually turns up alongside DD in one of the original comics... but enough geekery for now or Jack will toss his cookies.

    That Ghost World Bollywood soundtrack is brill! Sin City and HellBoy rock, and just wait for The WalkingDead and The Goon... Those will work... but don't mention Judge Dredd as that will make me cry... ;)

  6. @Peder; Hej Peder.
    What Cinezilla Magnus said!

    @Magnus: Silence! I kill you!