Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's fashion week in Copenhagen so here's "Das Modell" by Kraf... Ramm... The Cardigans!


  1. Actually Rammstein really regret their cover merely because they thought in hindsight it sucked.

  2. Really? I thought it was alright. Obviously it can't touch the original but still. And I've just this minute heard the Big Black version for the first time. :D

  3. I generally regret the Cardigans... But love the Big Black cover.

  4. I heard the Big Black one first. I did not catch the Rammstein one, I'll have to check it out!

  5. I strongly recommend Tremelo Beer Gut's surf-version!
    Peder P

  6. Most of Rammstein's stuff sucks in hindsight! I have a personal beef with those bastards and they will always suck. :)

  7. What happened? Did they kick you out for being too loud or something?

    I quite like them, tho.

    @Peder: Yes! That Tremelo Beer Gut version is pretty cool. I looked for it on YT but it's not there

    But here they are none the less:

  8. LOL.. nah, I actually do listen to them now and again. But I had a few years where I realy fucking hated them.

    Grab a coffee, because this is gonna be an epic rant... :)

    Something like eleven years ago I ran two jobs, one was the TV stuff, the other was working for a mate who had a DVD shop, one of those wizards who always had the latest cracks to make them region free and all that bull. He had to as he was the largest imoporter of foregin disks at the time. Being the DVD king, we had a fair amount of "famous" people come to us with their machines or to by discs. Anyways we knew of the band and liked them. One day the guitar player (I can point him out on a pic, but don't know his name) and the singer arrived at our humble store - as they where on tour at the time - directed there by the recordcompany people in stockholm. They wanted their DVDplayers (one stationary from their buss, and one portable) cracked so that they could watch everything. It's a process that normaly would take a few hours/player and they wanted everything fixed in a couple of hours. We talked bollocks with them, (the singer cowering outside the door, peeking in every now and then because of his superstar status...) Anyways my mate makes an issue out of the complexity of their machines, but sex that he'll have it fixed. They, as in guitarboy and singmonster, reply by saying that they'll swingby later and set us up with some free tickets to the show and "ve vill throv in zome zuprise for you asvell"... yeah right. So we more or less drop everything else that we had on the schedule and fixed their players in the two hour time zone requested. Obviously our anticipation grew and we got all fanboyish talking about what shit we would have them sign when they came back, but you allready know where this is going, don't ya. They never came back, they sent some lame fucking German girl who refused to talk English, and merely shrugged her shoulders when we asked her about the stuff. She couldn't even pay and gave us some swedish office rep's phone number claiming that they would "Betzalen, Ja him, betzalen"

    Like fuck did he know anything about it either and refused to pay when we later called him up.

    So we obviously felt disapointed, let down and terribly annoyed. Hence the boycott of Ramstein for a few years.

    Now it's more of a fun anecdote, but at the time it really was a irritation.

  9. Sorry for the lateness of this reply. I was in jail for a few days (okay-okay, I was sick but that doesn't sound fun when you write it, LOL). Woah, whadda story! And what arseholes. You should've insisting on keeping their players until you got paid. Now you could have sold it off as a Rammstein souvenir. xD