Saturday, September 25, 2010

Best Roky Erickson cover + coolest vampire music video on a Saturday night

This is Entombed's awesome version of Roky Erickson's "Night of the Vampire" from the "Children Of The Night - What Music They Make" Roky Erickson tribute LP (an album that was released to help Erickson in his time of need (in the 90s). I bought the LP when it came out but the one thing I always wondered is this: It was a limited edition LP printed in 500 copies (and only on vinyl!). How much financial help could 500 sold LP's provide?? Haha. The cover was full of spelling mistakes, wrong song titles and over-all badly written. Not a very good representation of bands that wanted to support Roky!).
Anyway, this cover is awesome and I could play it all night. So should you.


  1. Yeah , Entombed was a great band when Andersson was still on board. And one of the few bands that could actually make decent covers. Probably my favourites are Burstin' out (Venom) and The Ballad of Hollis Brown (Bob Dylan, great lyrics).

    What about then the old acid head Erickson... I think some of best pieces of music ever recorded were the demos he did for the Evil One. These demos can be found at least from the 2nd disc of "Evil One (plus one)". Raw power all the way!

  2. I totally dig Erickson and I agree those versions on the extra CD are even better than the original versions (imo anyway). You refer to them as "demos", they're actually studio versions (or "live" versions if you will) from a radio programme.

  3. I have to disagree :)

    They are demos/rough versions of the songs that were re-recorded with Stu Cook for The Evil One. Roky appeared in the radio show but those song are not played live in that show, they are played from the demo tapes.

  4. Oh really? Haha, I just assumed they were recorded for the radio. Thanks!!