Friday, September 24, 2010

New links

The list of blogs that link to me (either this blog or my Filipino war blog) is getting pretty vast by now so I'll mention the new ones from now on. The latest one is Comeuppance Reviews, I didn't even know they existed. :D They review cool stuff, some of it trashy Filipino flicks.

One new blog that I found out about via Google Analytics is Kult Eye Bleeder which is pretty fucken cool. The guy behind it is like my long lost twin brother. He collected all things Metallica in the 80s just like me and about every film he's reviewed so far is a kool one that I dig. Yay!

And lastly (for now anyway) Turkish Aussie psychotronic film aficionado Joe Mizuki (also in Sydney like our good buddy Ayman) has just changed the URL for his cool blog on (mostly) Turkish pop culture; Always Remember We're Phantom Agents. Check out his blog, the difference between hack writers like myself and him is he can actually capisce the lingo and dig into the ins and outs of Turkish films & pop music. Check them all out, they're people with great taste (they linked here! LOL).


  1. Jack, sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on the internet for a few days. Thanks for the plug and also the new link to my blog. I will try to improve the blog with more film reviews, which I think it lacks. I just purchased a whole bunch of dvds off the internet because the aussie dollar is at a record high, it's almost the same value as the yankee doodle dollar. A few years ago I was paying nearly double the amount for an import dvd. Hahaha...

  2. No worries, Joe. I don't actually expect people to respond to a post like this (but it's cool if you do) because I don't do them as a favour to the blog authors but as a tip to my readers of where to go to find cool reading material.

    Well, if you think it lacks reviews then go for it. But only do it if you feel like it, not because you think it's needed. If you did that it would become a chore and you'd soon hit a mental brick wall. It's what I always say, if you don't get paid to do it then only do it if it's fun.

  3. Thanks for the plug! Really appreciate it!