Wednesday, September 22, 2010

THE KEEP on ultra rare Danish ex-rental

Satans Borg [Satan's Castle] or as it's known originally: THE KEEP (Michael Mann, 1983). Wauw. I've never seen this tape before (and neither has any Danish VHS collector who isn't called Diabolik (aka Hans-Jørgen)!!! Lemme repeat that: Waa-uuhhh-hu-hu-wauw!!! Great find, Hans-Jørgen! And obviously a great pity this film isn't on DVD. :-(


  1. Oh, I remember renting that in Sweden. Exactly the same cover, it's called Satans borg in Sweden as well. :) I want a mega dvd/bluray release with the thirty minutes or so of deleted scenes, and all the music that Tangerine dream made on a cd or three!

  2. Ahh, but you didn't BUY it. LOL.

    But seriously, yes you're right and I'd totally love a mega awesome dvd release too!!! I hate Michael Mann to the point of cramping up in rigor mortis like anger for not making the available to horror fans.

  3. I remember renting that exact Esselte-version back in the 80's at a Service station on Mariagervej in Randers together with Henrik Rytter. Thought the film was pretty murky, but it might have been because of the poor quality and bad transfer. Later I had the chance to work with the films D.O.P. Alex Thomson who told me the shoot somewhere in Hungary or something was a nightmare - plus the director was mad and that he'd never work with Mann again (he never did). I then decided to track down the film and found it at the legendary Filmudlejningen i Fredensborgade, Copenhagen. I think it was a uk-rental... however the film was still murky, the transfer bad - but boy, I love the soundtrack ;-D

  4. Hey Peder!

    Thanks for the info. So he was mad, aye. LOL.

    Weird how some (Danish) VHS titles seem to have vanished while others frequently surface. The only copy I'm aware of among collectors is the one I posted here. The best print is probably the old laserdisc which turns up on eBay from time to time.