Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Mechanix fist-fight

Wanna get into a fist-fight? Just find ANY version of the song "The Mechanix" aka The Mechanics aka The Four Horsemen on YouTube played by either Metallica or Megadeth and you'll be headed for a merciless rumble. Haha. Read any of the comments sections and you see what I mean. Here's what it's all about:

The original version by Metallica w/Dave Mustaine on guitar:

Metallica's re-arranged version (without Dave Mustaine):

Dave Mustaine's version (with Megadeth) of the original Metallica version:


  1. and the Metallica version is not the same one as found on Kill 'em All. They used skip the mellow middle section in their live versions.

    But, yeah, No life til leather demo (Mustaine played on this one, Cliff didn't) is just about the best thing Metallica ever did :)

    Specially Hit the Lights version is just awesome

  2. Haha, now that's harsh! xD

    I haven't listened to them for years but I used to quite like their LP's when I bought them in the 80s, except I didn't like the vocals on "Kill 'em all". I bought the "Garage days re-revisited" bootleg (most of "No life till leather") in the mid-80s and thought it was heaps better than the actual LP.

  3. I was huge Metallica fan in mid '80, bought all the albums,singles and bootlegs i could get my hand on (some of them might be worth a dime or two now), all the way until the "Black album" which i thought was the biggest disappointment in the history of music, LOL.

  4. Haha, that's awesome. You're like a Finnish version of me. Same films and now this: I did the same. Collected everything in the mid 80s but was let down by the Black Album.