Friday, October 15, 2010

Howz life in my digital toilet?

Lately, I've experienced a new (to me anyway) kind of spam; People who sign up to follow this blog but who don't give two shits about the blog or the contents. What they hope for is that you and I will click their shitty avatar and go check out their "blogs" which aren't real blogs at all but whatever crappy shite they try and shove in our faces. xD.

Well, getting more subscribers is nice and all but not just any subscribers. These people might as well save their energy and not bother cos I'm deleting their sorry asses as quickly as I can. They're going down the crapper right away. Hahaha.


  1. Yeah, I just got my first obvious (well, obvious to me anyway) spam follower on my blog. The dude's avatar was from a XXX porno! I was like "get the hell out of here, you son of a bitch!". Do you do that? Do you yell at spam like that? I think it's pretty cool to do that. Oh and by the way, I read your blog, duder!

  2. Haha, yes I do. As recently as yesterday I got one from a gay porn site and I was yelled out aloud "you fucken arsehole!!" which, now that I think about it, is pretty funny. haha.

    Oh, and thanks for reading my blog. I wasn't doubting you're a real person, tho. LMAO.

  3. Dude! You should see the fucking size of my dick since I started buying my med's from those sites!

    ROFL "you fucken arsehole!" that's hillarious. And yes it's annoying as hell especially the ones that fluff around with phoney "you site nise, plese link back to me" and it's some damned retarded fuckfest page.

    when I had something like 20 followers and was thrilled with each new one that signed on, I used to check their sites to return the favour if I liked their sites... one site didn't even bother to use a decent avatar, but just some dames' meat puppet, and low and behold that's exactly what their site was about. So I guess they like fucking and watching bad movies then! :)

    That's when I discovered the "block" function.

  4. I still check each new one. LOL.