Thursday, October 14, 2010

Killer Angels - finally coming home

I've just won the awesome... the amazing... the uber entertaining... shoot 'em up... gun them down... and then shoot 'em again... "GIRLS WITH GUNS" epic KILLER ANGELS (1989) which stars Moon Lee. It's completely on level with ANGEL 1 & 2 (aka Iron Angels 1 & 2) and a much better sequel to that series than ANGEL 3. I've had the unsubbed VCD for years and years and have watched it many times cos the storyline is cartoon-like, you don't really need to understand the dialogue. A couple of years back I got an English dubbed bootleg DVD of the film but now, at last, I've secured an original VHS of the English dubbed print. Yay! I've lost this release before when it went for big bucks but tonight I was the only bidder! Awesome!!

PS: don't get confused by the "Greek" title, Ultra Force (which incidentally is the alternative title for ROYAL WARRIORS in Germany and Denmark!) this is indeed KILLER ANGELS.

The old HK VCD (in Cantonese/Mandarin, no subs)

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