Thursday, November 25, 2010

SLICE - gory Thai slasher!

Diabolik recommended this film to me and after having watched this trailer I certainly wanna watch it. Look pret-ty good!


  1. ... yeah, saw it at this year's CPH PIX - posted a small review on my blog back then. Anyways, you're in for a twisted little serial killer-treat. A pretty obscure storyline with some lovely over-the-top violence ... and actually more than "just" a "gory Thai slasher!" ... just you wait and see:-) YEAH!

  2. Hi there, Bjarke,

    I'm certainly curious about the movie now. I mean you seem to downplay the film a bit (a "little" serial killer film) whereas Fred Anderson describes it full-on as "The stuff in this movie is something that never, and I mean never, would happen in an American movie. The story deals a lot with paedophilia, which is a very rare subject in Thai cinema (I think this is the first time I see it)".

    I most definitely look forward to it now. Thanks.

  3. ... well, maybe ”little” isn’t the right word then :-) Because the storyline is kind of ’larger than life’ with some rather weird and obscure plot twists – and visually it also has some quite unique moments of violence – so yeah, definitely worth a watch. Looking forward to your thoughts on the flick ...