Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The vampire countess is dead.

I first saw Ingrid Pitt in THE VAMPIRE LOVERS on a double bill at the old Scala Cinema Club in London sometime in the late '80s. Right after I went out and bought COUNTESS DRACULA on video. And now she's gone. :(

Ingrid Pitt RIP.


  1. How very sad... :(

    Her autobiography "Ingrid Pitt: Darkness Before Dawn" (the revised edition of "Life's a Scream: Autobiography of Ingrid Pitt") looks quite interesting. There's a great photo on page 11 that shows how happy Eastwood is to see her...
    bosom. ;D

  2. Yes, too bad. She wasn't very old either. :(
    People who met her at horror cons say she was extremely nice.
    I haven't seen that book but I'm sure he was happy. Those images from "The Vampire Lovers" are probably the most sexy ones from Hammer.

  3. You can see it courtesy of :)

    I like the quote on IMDB (assuming that those really are her words):
    'It's great meeting the fans. They say I'm more beautiful now than I was 25 years ago. All lies of course, but sweet. Where else is an old bag like me going to find strapping young men and women to whisper sweet nothings in her ear?'

  4. The same quote appears on her fansite "Pitt of Horror" (where you can purchase signed copies of her books (a prolific writer it seems)):

  5. Thanks for that link. I just had a quick look. I wonder if she took care of the page herself (as there's no word of her passing).

    At the bottom of the front page it says:

    "Ingrid's passions are flying, cricket, golf and cuddling." :D

  6. It's mentioned on the front page (with a link to 'Memories & Condolences' on the forum):

    'Her international film debut was in what is considered one of the greatest war films of all time, "Where Eagles Dare". In this, she appeared opposite Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. "They were great to work with, but ragged me all the time".

    After the film was finished, Clint said to Richard, "Shall we tell her now?" "What?", I demanded. "We had a bet. Who would get you in the sack first", Clint explained. "Who won?", I asked innocently - that floored them.'
    Ha ha! What a lady! :D

  7. LOL. Yeah, she sounds like quite something. Thanks, Zoink.

    What happened to Zönk and Zakk? Haven't seen them around for ages.

  8. Heeey, I just order MGM's Midnite Movies double bill release of Countess Dracula & Vampire Lovers and it came to 39 kroner on Amazon UK!!! Fabelhaft!!! :D

  9. There can be only one!


    Damn, that's cheap. I haven't seen either of them so thanks for the tip. :)

  10. The special edition (R2) of "Countess Dracula" includes the following interesting material:
    # Audio commentary with Ingrid Pitt and horror experts Kim Newman & Stephen Jones
    # Archive news clip celebration of 50 years of Hammer (Meridian TV, 1999)
    # Archive interview with Ingrid Pitt (Tonight, 1999)
    # Thriller episode: Where The Action Is featuring Ingrid Pitt
    # Conceptions Of Murder - Peter And Maria: a 1970 play about mass murder starring Nigel Green
    # Theatrical trailer

  11. Gee, I didn't know about that UK release! Thanks for the info, Zoink. I'm still happy with having ordered the Midnite Movies DVD as I want to collect them ALL. :D

  12. Hmm, altho I'm missing out on the extras that Zoink pointed out in his post I'm actually getting some other cool extras on the Countess Dracula side of the double disc. I've just received the disc and the cover mentions ANOTHER commentary track to the film by Ingrid Pitt. This one is with Peter Sasdy and Jeremy Paul. The other side, The Vampire Lovers, also contains an audio track with Pitt, Roy Ward Baker and Tudor Gates. There's also a "Carmilla" reading by Pitt.