Friday, February 4, 2011

Come to papa my li'l silver angels...

Ahhhh, check dis baby out! I finally won this Taiwan beauty!! It's Cheung Chi-Chiu's DEADLY SILVER ANGELS from 1984. There's NO dvd release of this film. It's out on an English dubbed fullscreen video somewhere (in the US I think), I already have a DVD-R of that version from some bootlegger. HOWEVER, this Japanese VHS presents the film in it's original, complete letterboxed format! Arrrrhh, sooo good. I've tried to get hold of this tape for a long time but I've only seen it on eBay once before (in 2009). At that auction I placed 60 bucks on it, leaned back and whispered "mine". Yeah, well, it went for 166 dollars. O_O If the person who won it back then is reading this I'm sure he'll be happy on my behalf; I was the only bidder and so I got it at the starting bid, $41 (or maybe he won't be so jolly, LOL). Well, that's how it is at auctions, what goes for big bucks today might go for a lot less tomorrow, and visa-versa. Check the YouTube clip from the film below. I believe it's from the same Japanese VHS version.

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