Monday, May 16, 2011

HK chicks so bad ass they even spit - and speak foul language in Turkish (part two)

For part one go here.

The people at Customs finally sent me the tapes after I had to send them my invoice. I'm allowed to import goods into Denmark for a measly US$12 and these tapes were $10 each. I would have had to pay both the extra vat PLUS their fee (a whooping 30 dollars!!!). And all for some crappy Turkish tapes which I didn't even need in the first place! I just thought they would be fun to have because I'm a fan of those films. Well, FORTUNATELY the seller had sent me an invoice only for the ONE tape and he hadn't bothered to make a new one for both tapes but instead included the price for tape #2 IN THE POSTAGE FEE, hahahaha. Well, THAT WAS MY LUCK!!! This meant the invoice for the one tape was for $10 (and $21 for the postage!!!) and I got the tapes without problems. LMAO!!!

Oh, and when I opened the parcel I discovered one of the tapes was even a bloody Betamax tape, haha.

PS: And don't ask me why the Customs people didn't go: "Hang on, there's TWO farken tapes here! Where's the bloody payment for the second one!!" I have no idea. But then again they wrote they had a parcel that contained *DVDs*. o_O


  1. Wow man, only a $12 import allowance?! That's ridiculous! Our limit is currently AUD $1000 before customs even blink at you and start talking about GST rates and duties. Amazing!

  2. It's the "beauty" of being within the bloody EU. We can practically import as much as we want from other EU countries but if we buy from the rest of the world we get hit hard. Obviously you learn the "tricks of the trade" (ask eBay sellers to send goods as "gift" or write down the value) but it's still a hassle.

  3. The blog is back up again. I've deleted some posts and held back others for revision.I had a bad experience the first time i bought off the internet. I had an order for about $270 Aud and when the order arrived,I got a call from customs saying that I had to pay tax on the goods I purchased from tulumba. They charged 102 dollars on top of what I paid for the order, apparently the limit in 2004 was $250 dollars for imports. Now it's been raised to a $1000.... huh! bastards !!!!

  4. 102 AU$!! I bet you got a bit of a shock there! My gawd! I think the only thing I've ordered from Tulumba was the "Fantastic Turkish Cinema" book.

    PS: You're both in Sydney, LOL.

  5. Yep 102 hard earned aussie clams !! lol.

    $27 for the goods and services tax, also a $71 fee to fill out a goods declaration form and around four or five dollars for the money-order cheque. It wasn't Tulumba's fault but they could've shown a lesser amount on the order invoice.