Thursday, April 12, 2012

"I love you Gordon Bleu"

No. 375 in our series of mistaken lyrics: SONIC YOUTH's "I Love You Golden Blue" which I seriously heard as I love you Gordon Bleu. Hahaha. Gordon Bleu is the often used Danish spelling of Cordon Bleu. Do watch the video, it's an awesome track. Oh, and it would have been more fun if she had actually sung I love you Gordon Bleu.

PS: I was gonna link to a recipe site to show you what a Gordon Bleu is and in honour of the single one Icelandic reader of this blog I decided to link is to an Icelandic site. Gee, if the Danes hadn't spent a 1000 years trying to improve our dialect of the old Viking lingo I would still be able to read that site. As it is I can only pick out certain words like Uppskriftir, kjüklinga and eggjahvïta, haha.

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