Thursday, April 12, 2012

Juan de los Muertos (Spain/Cuba, 2011) - trailer

Check out this trailer for JUAN DE LOS MUERTOS [Juan of the dead] that I discovered via a Uruguayan blog, El Bizarro Mundo Nihilista (whose contents is mainly reviews of spanking sex videos, LOL). I don't know if there's a DVD release but it certainly looks cool enough to get if there is one!


  1. Hahaha!!! You should have visited my lil' "Trailer Park" where I had this one a while back.... ;)

    However... I'll be a nice kitty and forgive you for missing my post, Jack.... and I'll even be sweet enough to tell you that the UK region 2 for this one is slated to be released on June 4th. Pre-orders are already open at :)

  2. Damn!! Sowwy. *hangs head in shame*


    Thanks, miss Nekoneko. That's very cool. I certainly wanna check it out.