Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh Anita!

ANITA LANE is quite wonderful. So weird and so cool musically. She belongs to that group of friends around NICK CAVE and his old band THE BIRTHDAY PARTY who went to live in Berlin in the early 1980s. She's been making music with various members from that crowd, most notably MICK HARVEY but also BLIXA BARGELD - and THE BIRTHDAY PARTY play on several of her recordings. Listening to those tracks is almost like discovering a long lost BIRTHDAY PARTY record.

Unfortunately, she's not very productive. She has kids and would rather spend time with them than make music. How odd!! (I hear the rumbling sound of mothers of the world coming this way to flatten me under their swollen feet. LOL). I remember sitting in the kitchen in Melbourne sometime in the 90s listening to an Anita Lane interview on the radio. She had just had a kid and she kept switching from trying to answer questions to trying to get the kid to stop crying. LOL. Check out these two videos. So cool.

And check out this li'l thing that I bought on eBay last night (i.e. this morning); Anita Lane's vinyl EP "Dirty Sings". I've actually already got the music as it's included on the CD version of her album "Dirty Pearl" but the cover was too cool not to own. It's pretty rare too!

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