Wednesday, August 15, 2012

From "STAY SICK!" to Canadian paperback stardom

Eleven years ago I published issue no. 2 of my zine STAY SICK! In addition to the usual psychotronic film reviews and articles on obscure pop culture I also chucked in something I'd never included in a zine before (or after): A horror short story!

The story was called "Mareridtet" [lit. trans: The Nightmare] written by one Metin Vardar. Metin got in touch with me because someone mentioned to him that he should write and suggest I publish his story. I did and the rest is fanzine history.
And now there's even more history! I got an email from Metin the other day to tell me that he's been published again - and this time it's a full length novel that has been released by BLOOD MOON PUBLISHING in Canada!! Good on ya, mate!

Blood Moon basically deal in eBook publishing, however they do offer paperback editions of their releases as well. Metin's book is called "Flesh Field" and I believe it's firmly located in horror/fantasy territory. You can order the eBook edition at a mere 6 dollars US (they take PayPal) or (like I did) as a paperback at $15 (yes-yes, I realise the eBook is under half the price but I don't give a flying fuck; I want a real book, goddammit!).

I have no idea of how well eBooks sell, or whether Metin's book is awesome or, well, less awesome but Metin was part of making my zine STAY SICK! fun a decade ago, and for that I thank him and I'll give his book a try - even if I don't even read horror literature usually!

You can check the book here (and read an excerpt if you wish).

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