Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wonder Woman - the VHS the Greeks wanted!

aka THE DEADLY AND THE BEAUTIFUL (Philippines, 1973)

I won the rare Dutch VHS release of Robert Vincent O'Neill's WONDER WOMEN (aka The Dead and the Beautiful) on eBay a few days ago (from one of Cinehound's Member-X's auctions). Apparently a certain Cinehound head-hound also wanted it. Sorry mate, it belongs here! LOL. The film may have been released on video in other territories but I've never come across any other release. Something Weird Video in the US have released a DVD-R of the films. Their print is taken from a good looking 16mm print. I posted about it quite a while ago (you can see the cover under the film's real index entry here). Code Red (also in the US) have announced a DVD release but knowing that label I wouldn't hold my breath until the DVD gets here. Sometimes their releases take a long (like in loooooong) while to materialise. I'm certainly happy to have won this tape. Oh, and Vic Diaz is of course in there somewhere!

Here's a scene from the film (monster people, yay!), there are more clips on YouTube:


  1. I've got an old Media Home Entertainment VHS release from '82. The picture quality is pretty bad, not sure if its the tape or the transfer though because I haven't watched it all the way through. You sound pretty enthused though, so I'll give it another shot.

  2. Well, you know me and Filipino flicks. LOL.

    But yes, I did like it. It's not the best Filipino film ever but I thought it was pretty good. However, a proper print can do wonders! The print I watched was Something Weird's 16mm print via their dvd-r release, and it looks pretty good (slightly scratched but great colours and not dark at all). This afternoon I watched my new NTSC VHS of THE WOMAN HUNT and it's just so much more enjoyable when you can actually see what's going on on the screen (my Danish VHS is way too dark).


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