Monday, November 5, 2012

Month of Halloween - horror film #9: THE NEST

Yeah, Halloween lasts another week in this house!!

I've just watched THE NEST for the first time and totally loved it. One of the most fun killer insect flicks I've seen for a long time. And very cool old-skool gore too!! I watched the old New Concorde dvd which is fullscreen and looks alright, however I've just discovered there's gonna be a bluray/dvd from Shout next year! Can we get a Woo-woo!!

In the extras department there's three trailers and a cool 12 page booklet. Unfortunately, the trailer for the film is nowhere to be found despite it being listed on the cover.


  1. Nice review. :) It's been a while since I have seen this one.

  2. Creepy bug movies... gotta love them. This one is definitely going on my "must have" list.

    It'll freak Carolyn out big time... she just hates bugs.... :)

  3. LOL. But at least you can tell her *it doesn't have subtitles* ^_^

    One of the cool things about it is it doesn't just stay a bug film, it turns into a monster flick as well. :D


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