Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cult of J now on the toobe

While I took a break from posting on this blog and Facebook I travelled to India, Pakistan, and also I met the good people of Africa. I wrote a book about my 6 years as a white man among the Hottentots, and I recorded an album.

- Alright, alright, maybe I'm slightly exaggerating but I d-i-d open an account on Youtube and became part of the horror community there. The channel is called Psychotronic Broadcasting. I think it was partly Richard Schmidt from the Cinema Somnambulist blog [and insert 10-15 other blog/podcast/radio/zine names here that he does] who does awesome vlogs (not least the ones were he watches 10+ films in a row and reviews them all throughtout!!). Oh, the Toobe is a wonderful land, you should visit us sometime. I'll buy you a lemonade. Here's a presentation I did of a random dvd shelf. I'm not featured in it but I am in some (most) of the other ones.

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