Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mex on SWV

Here's a photo of a few random video tapes on one of my shelves. Four old Mexican horror movies from the '60s on VHS from Something Weird Video. The movies are DR. SATAN, DR. SATAN VERSUS BLACK MAGIC, ISLAND OF THE DINOSAURS and ZORRO VERSUS THE TEENAGE MONSTER. The tape on the far left is also an old Mexican horror movie, THE BLOODY VAMPIRE. It is however not a SWV tape but a bootleg. Incidentally, the bootleg tape is the only one that is dubbed into English. The other four are in Spanish only (i.e. no dub, no subs). I bought them years ago on eBay. The films have been discontinued from the Something Weird catalogue for a long time; none of them made it to dvd or dvd-r (from that label, Bloody Vampire is out on a non English friendly dvd from Mexico).


  1. Cool stuff ! That SWV Mexican horror wasn't out too long as there was a rights issue. I think a couple of them made it to DVD thru Image but were yanked pretty quickly.

  2. I wonder if they were English friendly?


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