Thursday, May 29, 2014

Since everyone else and his ugly cousin in the blog world has pissed off to God knows where...

...I might as well start blogging again. Always go against the stream.

I watched the new horror movie THE CONJURING last night ("new" on this here blog anyway cos most of the shit I watch is arse old) and it was a blast! Loved it! Here's a totally cool track that was played in the middle of the film. I didn't think it fitted the film, actually I felt it totally ruined the stimmung but the track on its own is wonderful! The song is called "In the Room Where You Sleep" and it's by a band called Dead Man's Bones - and get this, the singer is Ryan Gosling. o_O
Not fucking kidding!! 

From the band's own YouTube channel:




 PS: no, I'm not being literal but it's a good headline. :P

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